Happy Doughnut Day

So I may or may not have an obsession with doughnuts, which means that today is a happy day for me, being that it is National Doughnut Day.  I have a new appreciation for people who may have a bit too much time on their hands to come up with our national 'days.'  I'm not complaining about this one.  So, after finding these fabulous ideas and pictures on the Amy Atlas blog, I'm thinking it may be time for a doughnut party...

See more of this loveliness and Doughnut-y Delusciousness at...  http://blog.amyatlas.com/2011/06/sweet-origins-doughnuts-happy-national-doughnut-day/

I have yet to attempt homemade doughnuts myself, so I can't judge those who are timid to try it out. Although watching Alton Brown do it makes it look so easy, and so very worth the effort, I fear that the real deal homemade doughnut attempt is not for the faint-hearted (or for haters of messy kitchens).  But if you're willing to overlook those minor details, I'm guessing that fresh, soft, doughy, sweet, warm (and did I mention warm, sweet, soft and doughy?) homemade doughnuts are worth every bit of effort. As I was trolling Allrecipes.com today, I came across this recipe, and think I may be spending my Saturday attempting it.  In celebration of National Doughnut Day, of course.  

...soft...warm...doughy...sweet...yes, please.

Get the recipe at... http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/crispy-and-creamy-doughnuts/Detail.aspx


"I'm Just an Artist."

Today, I write in honor of my little one.  She came home last week absolutely determined to enter a local art contest, then sat down and started to map out her ideas on a piece of paper. She spent several hours drawing, erasing, coloring, re-drawing.  The subject was living your dream.  From the time she could talk, she has told people that she is an artist like her mom and Grandma.  Last year, I overheard her telling her friend, "I don't want to be a dentist when I grow up.  I'm an artist. I'm going to run my mom's company."  Although I'm sure that her ideas may change many, many times as she grows through life, it was enough to motivate me to do everything I can to help her live her dream.  What I ultimately know is that she will be the one to guide her dreams.  I can open a door, but she take herself anywhere she wants to go.  The call came a few days ago that she won first place in the district.  After some jumping, hugging and a few shared girlie screams, she stopped and said to me..."Mom, I told you I'm an artist."  Mom is smiling from ear to ear, and I know that this little one will be whoever and whatever she wants to be...not because of who I think she is, but because of who she knows she is.

This is a page that I did from her baby book when she was three years old.  She's nine now, and it all still holds true...

How do you inspire your little ones to reach for their dreams?



Loving these photo projects

So I'm obsessing and lamenting a bit as I've browsed the web this week and come across these fabulous photo projects.  I am absolutely in LOVE with these ideas, and am trying to figure out how to adapt them now...now that my little ones are already half-grown... I'll figure something out...I love these too much not to try them...

I couldn't find the original link to this, but it's here at...   http://pinterest.com/pin/26412257/


Do you have any other great ideas that you've found?  I would love to see them, and share them!


Sweet Dreams....

Summer is calling, and ice cream is making a comeback.  I must be feeling it in the air, because the latest designs from Bibitty are sweet-centric.  Reminiscent of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, or a vintage soda fountain, the newest print will look fantastic in any space, from the pantry to the playroom! I'm picturing it with one of those little pink retro kitchen sets!

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My nine-year old just asked me if her hand is going to be famous.... I told her yes... absolutely.

music track: Cake "Mahna, Mahna"

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I'll go first!  

LOVE Mo Willems!...my kids laugh and giggle through these books, and LOVE to try different voices for Elephant and Piggie.  We have a collection.

Inspiration for Bibitty's next Alphabet...Loving Nature...

After a creative sebatical, Bibitty is back, and ready to promote all things lovely. The latest inspiration has come from our shopstyle woodland collection. I can't wait to get started on this all things earth friendly set, and 
see what characters develop on these lovely cards...a poster will be a must! 

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A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes...

Here at bibitty, our newest wishes and dreams come in the form of these fabulous creations by fellow etsy artist Little Lizzy (www.littlelizzy.etsy.com).
We are IN LOVE with her miniature trees, so simple and elegant grouped on a collection of cake plates! And we can't wait to see one of her Sugarcone creations in a little girls room propped up next to bibitty's French Alphabet Poster!


End of summer giveaway!

 There is no better season than summer.  The swimming, the hiking, family gatherings.  We can't help but be a little sad as it starts to come to an end so, to prolong the inevitable as much as possible we want your favorite summer recipes.  What are the things you just have to make in the summer?  Post them here and we will pick the best recipe and send the winner our new "It's a piece of cake" poster.  We look forward to eating all of your favorites!

Then followed that beautiful season... Summer...filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.  
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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Bibitty Custom Portrait Boards...

We have welcomed the Bibitty portrait boards back.  These stunning storyboard creations are the perfect way to tell them how special they are. Their personal childhood memories and moments are turned into color-blocked works of art, stunning in their simplicity. Both classic and modern, we constantly create new boards for our kids and hang them in their rooms on their storyboard wall. When we are ready to stow them away, they make their own incredible heirloom quality album to be cherished and handed down. Those little moments that we tend to forget, or those funny things that children say and do, can be recorded and remembered for generations.   


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French Alphabet Boards Just Featured on COOKIE MAGAZINE's Website!


"What is it about the French? They seem to live and breathe effortless style. Well, now we can bring that je-ne-sais-quois into the nursery with these alphabet cards, each featuring a charming illustration with a French word, so both you and your little Francophile can study up.
Mais oui, s'il vous plait..."


These alphabet boards were designed on a late-night whim, and have since created quite a stir.  They have been featured on some fabu blogs, and I can't keep them in my etsy store...so needless to say, there will be more late-night whims to come...



Hello friends....News from the magical world of Bibitty...my alphabet cards have just been featured on a Fabu blogspot....go to oneity.blogspot.com and check out the fabulous finds and fun giveaways.